2014-2015 Common Theme: Hearts and Minds: Changing the Conversation about Mental Health

Every year St. Edward’s chooses a Common Theme that creates a conversation across campus and guides programming for the coming year. We also choose a book that elaborates on this theme. All incoming freshmen read the book over the summer and then get to hear the author speak on campus in the fall.

We're excited to announce that our incoming students will read Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan. In this memoir, Cahalan tells the true story of her descent into madness and the lifesaving diagnosis that almost didn’t happen. A team of doctors would spend a month—and more than a million dollars—trying to pin down a medical explanation for what had gone wrong. Meanwhile, she began to move inexorably through psychosis into catatonia. To find out more about the book and the website, visit http://www.susannahcahalan.com/

On October 8, 2014, author Susannah Cahalan will come to campus to discuss The Medical Community & Mental Illness. Her talk will begin at 7:00PM in the Recreation & Convocation Center with a book signing to follow.

NOW WHAT? How to read the book

Going Mental In London!  Explore the history of mental illness in London, England.

A Letter from Kelly McLaughlin, Class of 2014

Learn more about Susannah Cahalan's memoir by watching her recent TEDTalk

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