Applying To The Program

Entering Freshmen

Potential Honors Program candidates will be sent an application form when they are accepted to St. Edward’s. Candidates typically rank in the top 20 percent of their high school class and have taken an advanced curriculum including three to four years of foreign language, four years of science, and calculus or statistics. The 2009 class’ average SAT score is approximately 1260. While high achievement is considered in the Honors selection process, so are curiosity and a genuine enthusiasm for learning. Honors students are good writers, engaged with current issues and appreciative of the arts.

Students who apply for admission by the Feb. 1 priority deadline will be eligible to receive an Honors Program application. If a student is accepted to St. Edward’s and is not sent an Honors application but wishes to apply, s/he may request one from the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

To apply, students should return the completed application, along with a copy of a three- to five-page academic paper and two teacher recommendations, to the Office of Undergraduate Admission by March 1. Students who submit Honors materials after March 1 will be considered on a space-available basis only.

The academic paper should be the paper that is the student’s best example of college-level writing. It should be a research paper or a literary analysis rather than a personal essay or short story. Most students send a copy of a paper they have already written for English, History, Government or another class.

A total of two teacher recommendations are required for Honors Program consideration. One of these can be the academic recommendation required for admission to St. Edward’s. Students who send more than one academic recommendation for admission purposes do not need to send additional letters for Honors.

Applicants must also complete an interview with an admission counselor on campus or via telephone by March 19. The interview is a friendly conversation about the student’s interests and ideas and will last no more than 15 minutes. Candidates are responsible for scheduling their own interview.

All candidates will be notified about their status by early April.

For additional information, contact Marisa Peterson, Admission Counselor, at (512) 233-1411 or (800) 555-0164,

Current Students and Transfer Students

Although most students come into the Honors Program as entering freshmen, the program accepts a limited number of other students. Students currently at SEU and students who are planning to transfer should contact the Director of the Honors Program, Barbara Filippidis so we can review your transcript to see whether it would be feasible for you to complete the program, taking no more than two honors courses per semester. Usually, it is not feasible for students with more than 45 hours to complete the program.

Applications are accepted throughout the year as room is available. Applications for the spring semester must be submitted no later than December 1 and applications for fall no later than July 1. Qualified applicants are accepted in the order in which they apply, so students are advised to apply as early as possible.

Acceptance to the program requires a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50 and evidence that the candidate has strong writing and critical thinking skills. Application forms, with a list of required supporting documents, are available outside the Programs Office, HCH 216.

For additional information, call the Director of the Honors Program: Barbara Filippidis (512) 448-8558; Or, call the University Programs Office at (512) 448-8720.