Earth Week 2014 - "Our Place in Space: Sustainability, Stewardship and Community"

Earth Week 2014 PROGRAM - Free and open to the public

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Every day, we move about from place to place, and we often overlook the most valuable parts of the space around us. The theme of Earth Week 2014, "Our Place in Space: Sustainability, Stewardship and Community" spoke to the local and global aspects of environmental stewardship to reinforce how our conceptions of place impact geographic space. "Our place in space" - the environment in which we live and study, and share with our community - is comprised not only of ourselves, plants, and animals, but micro-organisms, waterways, soils and so much more. Knowing that our community begins here on the hilltop, encompasses the beautiful environment of Austin and Central Texas, and extends around the planet, allows us to see our place in space and beckons us toward our stewardship responsibilities- both locally and globally.

The 2014 event ran from April 22nd-25th across the St. Edward's University campus and Wild Basin Creative Research Center. There was a variety of speakers, organizations (including Students for Sustainability), and other fun activities to take part in.

Through a generous grant, Earth Week 2014 was made possible by H-E-B

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