St. Edward's Community

Our goal is for our students to understand and engage in sustainable living practices.


student taking notes

St. Edward's University provides sustainability education in its curriculum by encouraging students to confront significant and complex challenges of environmental, economic, and social justice issues, and helping them to obtain the knowledge, skills and experiences to recognize their responsibility to the global community and have a meaningful impact in the world.


students in greenhouse

St. Edward's aims at preparing its students to recognize their responsibility to the world community. Pursuing independent research is required through The Capstone Program and additional independent research and study is encouraged during the academic year.

Community Service & Outreach

student volunteers planting tree

Service is a large component of St. Edward's education as it is interwoven within the roots of Catholic social teaching and Holy Cross philosophy.  St. Edward's students, faculty and staff create opportunities to deepen their understanding of the 21st century world.

Wild Basin Creative Research Center

Wild Basin

In its role as an interdisciplinary laboratory of St. Edward's University, the Wild Basin exists to protect and maintain its urban wilderness, and to promote the importance of environmental education, research, conservation and preservation. Collaboration between Wild Basin and the university enables the creation of programs and initiatives that serve to fulfill the mission.