Farm to Work Needs Your Help!

The Farm to Work program is on the verge of ending for good on the Hilltop. Orders have dropped quite a bit recently, making it counterproductive for the farmer. So, we strongly encourage you to buy a basket in the coming weeks if you’re still interested in keeping the program on campus.

If you currently participate in the program, please share it with your campus friends and colleagues who you think might be interested but aren’t familiar with Farm to Work.

As a reminder, here’s how it works:

Deliveries are every Monday from 11:45 AM-12:15 PM at the far northwest end of the parking garage. Each basket costs $20 and you can choose to order or not order each week. Click here to see what items will be in the next basket. If you like what you see you can place your order with a debit or credit card by 11:00 PM the Friday before the next delivery date. If the farmer does not receive 10 basket orders, you will be refunded for your purchase that week.

Let’s keep this healthy option available for all of us!