Campus Operations


staffFacilities uses a web-based work order system that allows faculty and staff to efficiently notify Facilities of maintenance issues (leaks, heating problems, and safety issues), enabling the dedicated maintenance staff to address them more quickly, thereby decreasing waste and increasing efficiency. Student needs are addressed through both Student Life and Residence Life offices. Facilities conducts preventive maintenance at varying intervals to inspect plumbing, chilled water and electrical systems. In many instances minor issues are resolved before anyone from the general public is even aware of an issue. The reporting and tracking features of the system allows Facilities staff to monitor and analyze maintenance issues throughout campus and more quickly find and correct ongoing problems.


The housekeeping staff plays a major role in collecting recycled materials from buildings across campus. They also assist in composting by making sure that the contents of the green plastic bags in the bathrooms are disposed of properly; the paper towels, small bits of food waste, or old flowers from campus events are composted instead of thrown in the regular garbage!


groundskeeperA signature of St. Edward's campus, the beautiful grounds and landscape play a large role in our effort to be environmentally conscientious. In the past 10 years, Facilities has planted native plants and over 800 trees to conserve water and provide natural shading. In addition, Facilities has installed four water meters that provide water to our irrigation system; water-wise controllers are tied to on-site weather stations, and are using micro-irrigation for all landscape beds and trees. All grass clippings are mulched and returned directly to the ground. Tree branches and fall leaves are chipped on site and composted for later use in the landscaping.

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