Student Government

Mission and Purpose



The Student Government Association serves as the representatives of the student body thus enabling members to act as liaisons between the student body and the administration, faculty, and staff.  The Association manages its business, funds and regulates its activities with the advice and consent of the Office of Student Life. The Association operates within parameters and guidelines set pursuant to the University Policies and Procedures consistent with the Mission Statement. 

The purposes of the Association are to:

  1. Carry out activities which maintain the quality of campus life;
  2. Encourage student involvement within the University and surrounding community;
  3. Foster cooperation between the administration, staff, students and community;       
  4. Inform students of their rights and responsibilities;
  5. Inspire loyalty to the University and its Mission;
  6. Promote and defend the general welfare of students;
  7. Promote high standards of conduct;
  8. Represent the thoughts and ideas of the student body; and,
  9. Serve the community as representatives of the University.


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