Multicultural Leadership Board (MLB)



Promoting social change through diversity.

Mission: Our goal is to create culturally diverse programs that educate the campus community, facilitate productive dialogue, and promote positive change at St. Edward’s University.

Vision: Through challenging programming, the MLB will foster awareness, open mindness, and respect among the St. Edward’s University community.


  1. Take risks
  2. Challenge previously held ideas of event participants
  3. Collaboration with chartered or recognized organizations
  4. Meet student needs through relevant programming


MLB Officers    
Executive Coordinator
Domonique DeLeo Graduate Assistant  512-428-1338
Jonathan Cruz Asian Heritage Events Coordinator   512-428-1338
Samantha Herd Black Heritage Events Coordinator  512-428-1338
Marissa Gonzalez Social Justice Events Coordinator  512-428-1338
Johana Carrizales Hispanic Heritage Events Coordinator  512-428-1338
Stephanie Downs Women's Empowerment Coordinator  512-428-1338
George Kuhle Director of Outreach  512-428-1338
Brady Schuh Director of Communication  512-428-1338


MLB Advisor    
Joi Torres Assistant Director, Student Life 512-233-1665