Payment Options

In addition to grants, scholarships, student, and parent loans there are several other financing options available.

  • Monthly Arrangement Payment Plan (MAPP)
  • Employer Deferred Payment Plan (EDPAY)
  • Third-Party Billing

Monthly Arrangement Payment Plan

Students may take advantage of this payment plan to pay out their expenses over the course of a semester. The university does not charge interest for the deferred portion of the payment plan, although it does charge a nominal participation fee each semester. Students can elect to enroll in this plan during registration.

To have the monthly payments automatically billed to a credit card, students should complete the Autobill Authorization Form and submit it to our office.

Students can sign up for this option through the Fees and Financing Options link located in the Registration section of their university EdWeb account.

Employer Deferred Payment Plan

Students who receive employer reimbursement for classes at the end of a semester may elect to enroll in the Employer Deferred Payment Plan (EDPAY). In this program, students pay a percentage of their tuition cost plus a small fee per class at the beginning of the semester. The payment deadlines are as follows:

EDPAY Deadlines by Semester
Due Date
Fall February 1
Spring June 15
Summer October 1

Students must complete an enrollment packet to participate in this program. Additionally students must submit notification of intent to the Office of Student Financial Services before the start of a semester in which they plan to take advantage of this program.

Third-Party Billing

At a student's request, St. Edward's will bill employers or other entities (such as ROTC or trust funds) which pay for all or part of a student's tuition cost (this does not include family members who pay tuition costs on behalf of a student). Students who take advantage of this plan must submit documentation of their Third-Party's intent to pay before the start of each semester.