Completion Rate Percentage

As part of Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, all students must maintain a certain pace of coursework completion to ensure they graduate within the maximum timeframe. Students must successfully complete 75% of their St. Edward's attempted coursework hours. This is calculated by dividing the total number of credit hours the student has successfully completed by the total number of credit hours the student has attempted.

All St. Edward's coursework is counted towards attempted hours – including coursework taken when the student didn’t receive financial aid, when the student was in a different major, degree or program, whether the coursework represents remedial (basic skills), incomplete coursework, or repeated coursework. Incomplete, Fail, Withdrawal (Drop), or Withdrawal due to Absences is not considered successful completion.

The following programs are subject to this requirement:


  • Federal Pell Grants


  • Federal Direct Loans
  • Texas College Access Loan