On-Campus Employment

St. Edward's University provides a variety of opportunities for on-campus employment through two programs: the Federal Work-Study (CWS) program and the University Institutional Work-Study program, also known as Non College Work-Study. Working before, between, and after scheduled classes is a benefit of working on campus. The close proximity between work and class is an added bonus. Students are hired for an average of 8 to 10 hours per week and are paid bi-weekly. Depending on the CWS award and departmental needs, employment can be found for as little as 4 hours per week.

The University's Institutional Work-Study program (Non College Work-Study) enables students to work on campus even though they do not have a CWS award through the Office of Student Financial Services. Funding for these positions is provided by individual campus departments. A large variety of these positions are available on the campus. Students are encouraged to do a job search in EdWeb or contact individual departments about job availability under the Institutional Work-Study program.   University departments hire approximately eight-hundred student employees under this program.  The large number of job opportunities funded by this program helps illustrate the investment university departments commit to student employees.

The Federal Work-Study (CWS) program provides students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through part-time employment. Participants must have demonstrated financial need and have CWS as part of their financial aid offer through the Office of Student Financial Services. Examples of jobs include tutors, office assistants, recreational assistants, facilities assistants, and event staff.  Each year, approximately two-hundred students are funded for job opportunities through this program based on the CWS allocation provided to the university by the federal government.

To begin your job search, visit the Employment section of your Student Services page on your myHilltop account.  This section allows students to view current student employee job vacancies posted by on-campus supervisors and off-campus employers.


Off-Campus Community Service Employment

Through the Student Employment Partnership Program, students who receive a Federal Work-Study (CWS) award as part of their financial assistance package have the opportunity to use that funding to "share the cost" of employment in an off-campus, career-related position. This program allows students to choose their work sites and gain the valuable work experience they desire. Students may also use this work experience as an internship and receive academic credit.

If a student can obtain a part-time position at a local non-profit agency and have a commitment from the agency to fund 25% of their wages, St. Edward's University will contribute the remaining 75% of the funding. The student must be approved for and awarded CWS through the Office of Student Financial Services to participate in this program. For available opportunities, schedule an appointment with the Internship Coordinator at Career Services.

Serving the community is a major advantage of the program. The opportunity to work with a variety of people of different ages and backgrounds gives students a sound work experience. As with all student employment programs, students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year (fall and spring semesters). Due to limited funding, students are encouraged to contact Career Services early each academic year to determine their internship eligibility because of limited CWS program funding.  Participation is generally limited to as few as ten students each academic year based on the limited funding allocated to the University for community service positions.