The Student Employment Office (SEO) assists prospective student employees with on-campus employment to include job search recommendations and assistance with the hiring and documentation process.  Additional services include paid community service opportunities and employment verification for prospective employers.   Below are the primary services offered by the SEO. 

Job Search

Begin your job search in Hilltop Careers.  Login and select Job Search from the Jobs and Internships menu.  To search for on-campus jobs, you w ill need to select On Campus Jobs for Students from the drop down menu under Postion Type and click Search.

Need another job search option?  Contact Career Services (Moody Hall Room 134) for off-campus job and internship opportunities.   

Hiring and Documentation process

All student employees are responsible for completing the appropriate hiring documentation to ensure access to the web timesheet access and for timely payment of time worked.  

  • New student employees, or those who have never worked at the university, are required to first complete the Form I-9 in person in the Student Financial Services Office with the appropriate original documents.  A payroll form packet will be issued by a student's supervisor only after this first step is completed. 
  • Returning student employees must request a payroll form packet from his/her supervisor.
  • New International student employees must visit with the Employment Coordinator to discuss additional documentation needed to complete the hiring process.  It is recommended new international students request an appointment by calling 512-448-8523. 
  • Returning International student employees must request a payroll form packet from his/her supervisor.

Student employees working more than one job must request a payroll form for each supervisor.  For example, a student employee working with Athletics and the Library during the same semester must request a separate payroll form for each position. 

Web timesheet tutorial

A web timesheet tutorial video is available for student employees.  


Employment Verification

Former and current student employees may request, in writing, confirmation of their employment history for prospective employers.  Student employment history for prospective employers is released only with written permission from the (current or former) student employee.  Mailed, faxed, or emailed requests are accepted.