Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs

Vision Statement

To be a leader among Student Affairs Divisions in Catholic Higher Education, creating a seamless learning environment dedicated to all students’ wellbeing and success.

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs fosters student development and supports educational goals by providing a transformative learning environment in the spirit of the Holy Cross tradition. Through purposeful interactions and experiences, we empower students to explore the self and discover life purpose, engage in the campus community, and embrace their social responsibility.

We espouse a standard of care that encompasses the whole person--mind, body, and spirit. We challenge students to create healthy boundaries, uphold expectations set by themselves and community members, and continue to be accountable for their decisions. Through a compassionate balance of challenge and support, we intentionally develop the whole student to be successful not only during their time on the hilltop but as life-long members of the St. Edward’s University community in an increasingly global society.

As the Division of Student Affairs, we hold our students and ourselves to these defining values:

1. Collaboration – We value collaborative efforts rooted in effective, respectful, and transparent communication.  These collaborations are built on a foundation of authenticity, integrity, empowerment, mutual investment, and active engagement.

2. Wellness – We identify and employ resources to improve self-care and the balance of mind, body, and spirit. To create a healthy community, individuals strive to make positive life choices and support the wellness of others.

3. Social Justice – We, in alignment with our Holy Cross charisms, promote and expect a culture of respect and inclusiveness, value the dignity of the whole person, and advocate against oppression.

4. Innovation – We will be confident and courageous in taking risks, exemplifying forward thinking, and providing creative programs, technology, and resources to achieve excellence.

5. Intentionality – We provide long-range vision and direction for growth and success by committing to making strategic decisions, informed by a shared sense of purpose. We focus our attention in these strategic areas: transitional experiences, diversity and inclusion, pride and vibrancy, student wellbeing, and the residential experience.

6. Community– We display our loyalty, passion, and enthusiasm for the university through how we live out and create our shared story. We develop our Hilltopper identity through a life-long commitment to spirit, pride, and traditions. Our community is made vibrant by our unified dedication to supporting each other.

Divisional Goal Statments 
1. To cultivate a community that nurtures the health, wellness, and safety of all students.
2. To create opportunities for students to experience, reflect, and act on our Catholic, Holy Cross values.
3. To prepare students to lead in a global community where inclusion and diversity are respected.
4. To foster transitional experiences that integrate personal, intellectual, spiritual and professional development in support of student success.
5. To ignite a sense of pride, ownership, and personal investment in being a lifelong member of the Hilltopper community.