Consortium Agreements

St. Edward’s does not participate in consortium agreements with other institutions or agencies other than for the purpose of study abroad.

For all approved study abroad programs administered by an SEU approved third party organization, including exchange partner schools and study abroad providers, a written consortium contract governing communication between the host school and St. Edward’s University regarding student enrollment must be signed by both parties. 

Each study abroad consortium agreement will apply to all financial aid programs, including federal, state, and university funds. A student can only receive financial assistance from St. Edward’s University if the coursework they will be enrolled in at the host school has been approved through the course approval process administered by the Office of International Education.  The student must also be registered for the appropriate study abroad marker courses equivalent to the number of credit hours intended to be earned while abroad. 

Each study abroad consortium contract should stipulate that the host institution must communicate the following to St. Edward’s in a timely manner:

  • Changes in enrollment, including partial withdraws from individual courses and total withdraws from all coursework.

  • The exact date any change in enrollment occurred.

  • The duration (exact start and end dates) of courses a student has withdrawn from.

The above information is required in order to ensure appropriate procedures are followed by St. Edward’s University in regards to the return of financial aid and tuition refunds.