Wicked Problems


Ever considered designing or building a tiny house? Does an urban scavenger hunt using public transportation seem like a fun challenge? How about investing a few hours a week to work with elementary students at a local school?  If opportunities like this sound appealing, then the Wicked
Problems LLC is the place to be.

Complex issues don’t have simple solutions. In the Wicked Problems LLC, you’ll engage in active, hands-on experiences that relate to complex social issues like housing, transportation and education both locally and globally. Be the architect of your own learning in the Wicked Problems LLC!


Science and mathematics majors will have additional programming support as part of the Wicked Problems LLC.  See the general LLC web page for more details.

Just the Facts
Location: 1st-4th Floors, Basil Moreau Hall
Capacity: Up to 98 students
Faculty Members:
FSTY 1121 & FSTY 1320: Dr. Steven Fletcher, Associate Professor of Secondary Education
FSTY 1121: Dr. Teri Varner, Professor and Chair of Communication Department
FSTY 1121: Bill Kennedy, Professor of Photocommunications, Area Coordinator
FSTY 1121: Dr. Jennifer Greene, Associate Professor of Philosophy, School of Humanities
FSTY 1121: Dr. Casey Sherman, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Founded: 2015

What is expected of you as a member of the Wicked Problems community?

  • Live with community members in Basil Moreau Hall.
  • Take each of the linked courses in the fall and spring semesters of your freshman year.
  • Participate in hands-on learning

How do I apply?
Make sure you follow instructions carefully on your online housing application--to land in the LLC of your choice!