Social Justice


As a member of the St. Edward’s Social Justice Living Learning Community (LLC), you will join other highly motivated St. Edward’s students and faculty from a variety of majors who share a passion for creating a more fair and equitable society.

In the Fall semester, Social Justice LLC students take a one-hour seminar, designed to introduce interdisciplinary perspectives on the social justice theme, and one of five linked courses from across the university.  The linked courses will include content on social justice that can include, but is not limited to, analyses of systematic racism, sexism, heterosexism, colonization, investigations of socioeconomic disparities and their implications on health, the environment, and standards of living, and examinations of cultural oppressions that take place in society and through societal and cultural institutions.

The Social Justice theme will also be interwoven in the co-curricular programming as well as service learning and community engagement. And you can look forward to many activities throughout the year to balance the demands of study with the need for recreation and relaxation.

Just the Facts
: 3rd & 4th Floors, Hunt & Le Mans halls 
Capacity: Up to 100 students
Faculty Director: Dr. Kris Sloan, Associate Professor of Education
Twitter: @SEU_JusticeLLC
Linked Courses: Fall: 1-credit Social Justice Seminar, and 1 of five satellite courses related to the theme of Social Justice
Signature Events: Social Justice Film Series, Monthly Community Activities, Service Opportunities
Founded: 2007--reimagined for 2015!

What is expected of you as a member of the Social Justice community?

  • Live with fellow community members in Hunt & Le Mans halls.
  • Enroll in courses specificially for the Social Justice LLC.
  • Participate in monthly community activities.
  • Engage in community service each semester that addresses real community needs.