If you consider what qualities you admire about the people you look up to, chances are it is their leadership qualities.

In the Leadership LLC, you will be challenged to gain a greater understanding of what makes an inspirational leader.  Whether you envision yourself leading a country, a brand, a classroom, a research team or a band your experiences in this LLC will empower you to further develop your leadership qualities.

Just the Facts
Location: 3rd Floor, Hunt Hall & 2nd Floor Hunt and Le Mans Halls.
Capacity: Up to 98 students
Faculty Members:
FSTY 1322 & FSTY 1122: Dr. Kathleen Wilburn, Professor of Management
FSTY 1122: Susan Lochran, Professor & Chair of Department of University Studies
FSTY 1122: Dr. Mity Myhr, Associate Professor of History in the School of Behavioral & Social Sciences
FSTY 1122: Father Lou Brusati, Associate Professor of Religious and Theological Studies

Founded: 2014. Re-imagined for 2016.

Leadership LLC participants will:

  • live with other community members in Hunt & Le Mans Halls.
  • participate in regularly-scheduled workshops led by faculty and staff members from across campus, and learn from high-profile leaders in various fields
  • engage in service projects with their community.

Interested in applying?

Great! Make sure you follow the instructions carefully on your online housing application so you land in a Leadership LLC bed -- spaces are filling up quickly, so apply today!