First-year students in the Honors Program at St. Edward’s University have the opportunity to live among their peers through the Honors Living Learning Community. The Honors LLC is an integral part of the Honors Program experience at the university.

Our Honors students live together so that the thought-provoking and challenging conversations that occur in the classroom can move into the residence hall. All first-year Honor students live in Dujarié Hall, where they build lifelong relationships with their classmates as well as engage closely with their faculty mentors through co-curricular events held on and off campus.

Science and mathematics majors will have additional programming support as part of the Honors LLC.  See the general LLC web page for more details.



Just the Facts
Location: 1st-3rd Floors, East Side Dujarie Hall
Capacity: Approximately 75 students
Founded: 2010

Fall 2017 Courses:

HONS 2160: Community an a Liberal Arts Education - Dr. Steve Rodenborn
HONS 1367: The Printed Page and Silver Screen: Imagining Community - Dr. Barbara Filippidis
HONS 1340: Ecology and the Community - Dr. Raelynn Deaton Haynes
HONS 1340: Diverse Communities Across Space and Place - Dr. Rachael Neal
HONS 1340: Philosophy as a way to build a community of diverse perspective – Dr. Stephen Dilley