Film & Fiction

Lights, Cameras, Action!


The Film & Fiction Living Learning Community will be the largest LLC on campus when it is founded in Fall 2014. Residence Life has partnered with Freshman Studies to offer a Freshman Studies JUST for one LLC.

If you are a movie buff, an actor or actress, a poet, a reader, a filmmaker--or you want to be--this is the community for you!

Students in this LLC will get to know each other by attending the same Freshman Studies lecture during the fall: Global Film & Literature, and participate in awesome community-wide events and excursions, but also have the chance to bond with a smaller group in that same cohort, through participation in linked Rhetoric & Composition courses, and related group study sessions and activities.

Plus, everyone will live together on two whole floors in Hunt Hall, right in the center of campus!

The Freshman Studies and writing faculty members are excited to take part in the Film & Fiction LLC, and they hope you will be, too!

What is expected of you as a member of the Film & Fiction community?

  • Live with community members in the Film & Fiction block of rooms in Hunt Hall.
  • Enroll in a common section of Freshman Studies (Global Film & Literature) and an associated Rhetoric & Composition course during fall semester.
  • Take part in monthly community activities and/or meals.

How do I apply?

Make sure you fill out the Living Learning Community page of your online housing application--we're looking forward to hearing from you!