In order to ensure adequate funding for campus dining services and to make the support of dining services as equitable as possible all traditional undergraduate will be required to purchase a meal plan for both the fall and spring semesters in 2017-2018.

Students living on campus must purchase a meal plan each semester. The purchase of a meal plan is a board payment and is used to support the campus dining service.

On-Campus Resident Meal Plans, per semester

Amount Approx. Meals per Week
$2,275 + $310 Topper Tender 17 to 19
$1,820 + $225Topper Tender
14 to 16
C* $1,250 + $150 Topper Tender 8 to 10
$685 + $85 Topper Tender
4 to 6
Apartment Resident and Commuter Plan 
*Not available to first-year, freshmen undergraduates

Meal Plan Policies

The Meal Plan balances of any students who are dismissed from the University and who are not entitled to re-enroll will be forfeited at the time of the dismissal.

Your balance will be displayed each time you use your Hilltopper Card.

Meal plan dollars can only be used at the following locations:

  • South Congress Market in Ragsdale Conference Center
  • The Huddle in Le Mans Hall
  • Hunt Hall Café all services including Coffee Bar/Bakery, Outtakes (convenience store)
  • Meadows Coffeehouse
  • Doyle Cafe

Any unused balance of a student’s meal plan will roll-over from the fall to the spring semester. As of June 30 every year, student meal plan account balances will be reduced to $0.00. As of that date any meal plan dollars remaining from the fall or spring semester will be forfeited. Please note that all students must purchase a meal plan each semester regardless of any balance he/she has rolled-over from the fall to the spring semester.

Q. Can I change my meal plan? 
A. Yes. Meal plan change requests may be made via MyHilltop up to the point that meal plan balances are posted to the Blackboard Transactions System, approximately one week prior to the start of classes for the fall or spring semester. From that date through the 12th day of classes, requests for meal plan changes must be made in person in the Hilltopper Card Office, Holy Cross Hall Room G12. No requests for changes in meal plans may be made after the 12th day of classes.

Q. Who is available to answer questions if I have a food allergy or require a special diet?
A. The General Manager for Bon Appetit, (Michael Smith, 428-1016) is available to offer assistance to anyone who may have temporary diet concerns. Students requiring long term special diets should contact Hilltopper Card Office.

Q. Can I receive meal plan refunds?
A. Cancellation of the meal plan is subject to the refund schedule for tuition set forth by the Office of Student Financial Services. Refunds apply only to unused portions. Refunds of unused meal plan balances are not available to students who leave the University at the end of a semester. You can find the current refund schedule here.

Q. May I get an exemption from the meal plan? 
A. Dining service staff welcomes opportunities to assist students in finding ways to meet their nutritional and dietary needs. However, if the dining staff is unable to support a medically necessary diet, the student may request an exemption from the meal plan by submitting documentation from their physician to the Director of Auxiliary Services. The Director of Auxiliary Services will notify the student whether their exemption is approved or not. For more information, contact Hilltopper Card Office.

Q. Can I transfer money from the meal plan to Topper Tender?
A. The meal plan structure for 2017-2018 includes an amount of Topper Tender dollars in most plans. No other transfers are permitted.