Graduation - Fall 2014

Tips and resources to help you prepare for your big day.
Review the following details to make preparing for graduation easier, including what you'll need to do for certification and dates & deadlines.

University Commencement
The university conducts ONLY ONE commencement ceremony each May.
  • Students certified to graduate in the Spring Term 2015 may walk in the May 2015 ceremony.
  • Students who will complete ALL degree requirements by the end of the Summer Term 2015 may walk in the May 2015 ceremony. If it is determined that meeting degree requirements is not possible by the end of the Summer Term, the student may NOT walk in May.
  • Students planning to complete all degree requirements and graduate in August 2015 who wish to participate in the May 2015 ceremony must complete the May Graduation Participation Form. Forms are due to the student's certifying official (School Dean's office or New College or Graduate Advisor) prior to the Spring 2015 certification deadline.
  • August graduates who walk in May will receive their diploma when the degree is posted after the end of the summer term and all grades are turned in.

Ordering Your Announcements
Announcements may be ordered online from CB Announcements. Announcements will require five business days for delivery. For more information, contact CB Announcements at 1-800-433-0296.

Key Dates for Fall 2014 Graduates
Oct 1 All transcripts for courses completed in past terms & official CLEP scores due in the Office of the Registrar.
Oct 6 Fall certifications due.
Oct 31 Diploma verification forms/surveys e-mailed out to graduation candidates.
Dec 1 Diploma verification forms/surveys due.
Dec 13 Official degree date.
Jan 9 Deadline for all SEU credits and Fall 2014 transfer credits to be received in the Office of the Registrar.
Feb 2 Diploma release date.

Arrange a Diploma Pick Up
If someone else is picking up your diploma and/or transcripts, you must provide a written and signed statement instructing the Office of the Registrar to release these documents to the person. The person will be required to show a photo ID in addition to the signed letter of instruction.

For International Students
To avoid a delay in receiving your diploma, you should make arrangements to have your diploma and transcripts notarized no later than four weeks prior to the date diplomas are available. Contact the Office of the Registrar at 512-448-8762 for detailed information.

Graduation Honors
A student must complete 60 hours of credit in residence at St. Edward's with the appropriate grade point average in order to be eligible for graduation with honors. Credit by examination will not be counted in the 60 hours for graduation honors.

Undergraduate students will receive recognition during the ceremony for the following distinctions:
  • Cum Laude for a point average of 3.50
  • Magna Cum Laude for 3.70
  • Summa Cum Laude for 3.90
Graduate students with a 4.0 are recognized at Honors Night.