Emergency Call Boxes and Courtesy Phones

Emergency Call Boxes and Courtesy Phones on Campus

Emergency call boxes (one-button activation to reach UPD) and courtesy phones (for campus-only phone calls) are located around campus. In the event of an emergency, you can use either to summon help from the University Police department.

Emergency Call Boxes (will automatically be connected to UPD when activated)

  • Woodward Office Building Parking Lot
  • Moody Bus stop
  • Woodward Office Building N.W. Door
  • Sorin Hall
  • Parking Garage - 2 per floor
  • Track
  • CB 1 (Community Building 1 at apartments)

Emergency Phones

  • Doyle Hall front door
  • Doyle Hall classroom patio door
  • Fleck Hall
  • Basil Moreau Hall 24-hour computer lab
  • Casitas / Basil Moreau Hall courtyard
  • East Hall computer lab
  • Teresa Hall computer lab
  • The Village (near the Huddle)

Courtesy Phones (You can use any courtesy phone to reach other campus extensions. To reach UPD, dial 8444)

  • Basil Moreau Hall N entrance
  • Basil Moreau Hall S entrance
  • Jacques Dujarié Hall S entrance
  • East Hall main door
  • Teresa Hall main door
  • Jacques Dujarié Hall laundry room
  • Hunt Hall main door
  • LeMans Hall main door
  • Johnson Hall main door
  • Fine Arts Building N.W. and S.W. doors
  • Fleck Hall NE and SE side 3rd floor
  • Main Building ground floor at post office
  • Moody Hall 1st floor N wall
  • Moody Hall 2nd floor N wall
  • Moody Hall 2nd floor E wall
  • Moody Hall 3rd floor E wall
  • Ragsdale Center outside coffee shop
  • Recreation and Convocation Center (RCC) outside main entrance
  • Woodward Office Building, South wall by room 114