On behalf of the Orientation staff and the entire university, we welcome you to St. Edward’s University. We are pleased you will join us this fall and are confident you will make a significant contribution to our campus community.

The information on this website will help you understand the steps you must take to enroll for fall courses and prepare to arrive on campus. You’ll learn more about Orientation options for freshman, transfer and international students, special student services, on-campus housing and the optional Orientation for parents, family and friends.

Freshman (domestic and international) students entering the fall semester may choose from six Orientation sessions throughout the summer. Transfer (domestic and international) students may choose to attend an Orientation session occurring in August and/or an early advising and registration session. Events planned during Orientation provide opportunities to meet other new students as well as St. Edward’s University faculty, staff, student leaders and administrators. In addition, Orientation includes optional academic placement testing so you may choose courses appropriate to your proficiencies.

Please read the enclosed information carefully. Should you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact an Orientation staff member at 512-448-8584, 800-775-6755 or orientme@stedwards.edu.


Orientation Staff

General Program Goals

  1. Collaborate with faculty, staff and current students to deliver a comprehensive, high quality orientation program.
  2. Deliver personalized services and programs to students and families in alignment with Holy Cross traditions and values, such as hospitality, community, compassion, zeal and human dignity.
  3. Educate and excite students about opportunities for campus involvement and connect them to specific resources and programs.
  4. Communicate to students and families about university expectations and resources to support academic success.
  5. Provide the opportunity for completion of necessary transactions supporting student enrollment.

General Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will learn about the SEU mission and history of the Congregation of Holy Cross.
  2. Students will understand faculty expectations of them in the classroom and how to maintain their academic success.
  3. Students will learn about basic degree components and make initial informed decisions about course registration.
  4. Students will learn about campus traditions and how to get involved in campus life.
  5. Students will gain knowledge about campus resources that support academic and college success.
  6. Students will know who their financial advisor is and learn the importance of financial literacy.
  7. Students will know about career planning resources on campus and where to find career advising staff.
  8. Students will become familiar with the physical layout of the campus and where general buildings and offices are located.
  9. Students will learn the common terminology used by SEU students, faculty and staff.
  10. Students will learn how to access relevant university information through the website and mobile application.