Registration Instructions

Please bookmark:

  • EdWeb may be accessed by clicking on EdWeb on the SEU homepage Click on EdWeb for Students. (Note: A link to EdWeb is in the footer of all pages)
  • Click on Registration (left menu frame).
  • make sure your options (upper left) are set for the correct semester:  Under Current Option Settings click Set Options to change the term, year or program, click Submit Options.
  • Each time you register, you must complete Fees & Financing Options (bottom menu frame). You must enter your health insurance information. Click YES if you wish to purchase coverage or click NO if you already have health insurance. If you choose NO you must enter insurance provider information. Make your payment selection in the Options column. Click on the Submit Options button at the bottom of the page.
  • Students are required to monitor their SEU email accounts on a regular basis. Students who have been notified of academic/curricular issues via their SEU email address will be considered to have been officially notified. Please check your SEU email frequently for pertinent information from the university.
  • Click on Registration (left menu frame) then Course Selection (bottom menu).    
  • Enter the course number and section number in the correct boxes. Click the ADD button. When the course has been successfully added, it will appear on the screen. You may look up course and section numbers by clicking on the ? button. Continue adding courses in this manner.
  • To drop a course, click on the corresponding button in the drop column and click the DROP button. Do not press the ENTER key. You must click the DROP button.
  • To swap courses (ADD/DROP at the same time) enter the course/section number to add and mark course to drop, click Swap.
  • Click the Search Criteria button to search for courses by instructor, building, meeting day, meeting time, etc.
  • Click on the Confirm Registration link to view and accept (or adjust) your registration and charges.
  • Click on Textbook Information (bottom menu frame) to access your book list after you have registered.
  • Approximately one week after you register, the Office of Student Financial Services will mail a financial statement and confirmation of your registration.