Religious Diversity

Promoting unity, embracing differences.

Campus ministry promotes St. Edward’s University’s mission through their work in supporting religious diversity, through bringing together students, faculty and staff of differing religious and non-religious identities.

The Roman Catholic Church, recognizing its presence and relationship with a global community, authored several guiding documents during the Vatican II Ecumenical Conference (1963-1965) including Guadiam Es Spec (The Church in the Modern World), Dignitatis Humanae (Declaration on Religious Freedom), Unitatis Redintegratio (Decree on Ecumenism), and Nostra Aetate (On the Relation to Non-Christian Religions). St. Edward's University and the Congregation of Holy Cross, our founding religious order, seeks to continue the dialogue created by these historic documents.

Campus Ministry for its part, aspires to stimulate a desire amongst members of the campus community to advance peace and justice in the world by reflecting not only on their own faith and what it means to them, but also on the faith of others in a local and global context. This reflection involves recognizing and embracing shared core values, while also learning about, accepting and respecting the unique differences between individuals and their respective religious traditions and cultural worldviews. A primary focus is to encourage the breaking down of racial, religious, cultural and gender-based barriers by recognizing ones own worldview in relation to the complexities of other’s worldviews. Campus ministry seeks to cultivate a sustainable campus ecology through the encouragement of interfaith, ecumenical and inter-cultural cooperation within the campus community with particular focus upon students. In line with the University’s emphasis on Global responsibility, IE seeks to cultivate an appreciative understanding of pluralism and religious literacy by fostering interfaith dialogue, expression, reflection and participation in community and global service.

  1. Develop an understanding of the human person in relation to identification within a religious, non-religious, spiritual, or faith-based capacity (SEU Mission Statement).
  2. To cultivate a sustainable campus ecology of interfaith and inter-cultural cooperation.
  3. Foster cooperation and partnership between the campus community and diverse partners in the local and global community in line with the Global Preparedness Goals of the University.
  4. To engage the university community in collectively addressing challenges to fostering an inclusive, safe, comforting and inviting campus environment that cultivates religiously diverse social networks and social capital (relationships).
  5. Promote religious engagement through the use of Prayer, meditation, retreats, staple celebrations, and important observations.  
Campus Ministry provides information on an array of services including: 
  • Student Groups connect you with peers of your own faith and tradition and meet students of other faiths and traditions.
  • Campus Events such as the Passover Seder, Eid Dinner and Holi allow you to experience the practices of other faiths.
  • Austin Area Connections allow you to locate a variety of Austin religious communities.
  • Spiritual Guidance gives you an opportunity to reflect on your own experiences.

In an age of rapid social and technological change, finding common ground through unity is a necessity for future leaders who will need to make ethical and moral decisions. Campus Ministry serves as the nexus at St. Edward's where students can share knowledge of their own faith in fellowship with others, to ask questions and to discover true knowledge of the world.