President Obama's Interfaith Challenge


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St. Edward's University was cited by the Interfaith Youth Core as one of four institutions for Best Practices in support of President Obama's Interfaith Challenge.

St. Edward's University was selected in 2011 as one of 250 academic institutions to participate in President Obama's Interfaith and Community Service Challenge during the 2011-2012 academic year. Now in the third year, the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge is an initiative inviting institutions of higher education to commit to a year of interfaith cooperation and community service programming on campus.

The Interfaith Challenge at St. Edward's University continues to bridge curricular, co-curricular and community partners to foster a campus philosophy of interfaith and inter-cultural cooperation. The theme Displacement, Migration, and Refugees was selected in an effort to understand the movement and displacement of people as the result of natural disasters, conflict, and economic disparity along lines of nationality, ethnicity, religion or culture.

What does this mean for you as a member of the St. Edward's University community? Dr. George Martin has accepted this challenge on behalf of St. Edward's University and all members of our campus community in this on-going effort. As the institution moves ahead with the Strategic Plan 2015, the Interfaith Challenge offers an opportunity for your office or program to promote events that lend themselves to the theme of the Challenge, support the Strategic Plan 2015, and to support the University Mission of St. Edward's University.

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The Refugee-A Graphic Novel
Read the story of "Roble," a Sudanese refugee from the conflict in his home country. While his story is fictional, it is based upon a blending of real life stories of serveral refugees from the Sudan who have found themselves in Austin.

If you have a course, program, or event that you feel could be repurposed for the Interfaith Challenge and would like more information, please contact Dr. James Puglisi, PIC Campus Coordinator at or at 233-1693.