Hurricane Katrina Relief


 Rebuilding efforts  

In late August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina ripped through the  Gulf Coast. The nation watched as one of the largest natural disasters in the U.S. claimed homes and livelihoods of thousands of residents of the region. While New Orleans was the center of attention due to the major flooding, many of its neighbors to the east and west faced complete destruction. Years later, new hope is emerging in the region. "Opportunity Homes" are finally being build and the rebuilding of the community is happening in new ways.

You can help to renew the face of the Gulf Coast and bring housing to a family in need! Habitat for Humanity provides on-site training and learning opportunities, so no construction skills or experience are required.

For more information, contact Liza Manjarrez by e-mail or call 512-448-8534. Read Frequently Asked Questions about Alternative Spring Break.

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