SEU McNair Scholars

  • Emily Dalton
    Arlington, TX
    Environmental Science and Policy
    May 2017
    NGO Micro-Farming Programs and Their Impact on Rural Romanian Women
  • Erik Escobar
    Port Lavaca, TX
    Biology BS
    Summer 2015
    Survey for the Presence of Leishmaniasis in Canines and Felids in Travis County, Texas
  • Armand Ferreccio
    Northridge, CA
    Global Studies
    Spring 2016
    Effects of Two Major Waves of Foreign Occupation of Afghanistan on the Civilian Population: A Trans-generational Analysis
  • Samantha Herd
    Swissvale, PA
    English Writing/Rhetoric
    Summer 2015
    The Function of African American English in Street Literature
  • Diana Hernandez
    Laredo, TX
    Religious and Theological Studies
    May 2016
    Eco-Feminist Theology in Mass Effect, the Video Game
  • Jazmine Hernandez
    Weslaco, TX
    International Business and Communication
    Spring 2016
    Unstoppable Forces and Immovable Objects: How Social Changes Influence Regulatory Regimes
  • Vanesa Lerma
    Seguin, TX
    Psychology with Behavioral Neuroscience
    May 2016
    Executive Function in Bilingual vs. Monolingual College Students
  • Mario Lira
    Austin, TX
    Spring 2016
    Breakthrough Austin and Its Impact on Low-Income Students’ Learning Attitudes and College Attitudes
  • Jordan McCannon
    Corpus Christi, TX
    Social Work
    May 2017
    Gender Influences and Sibling Dynamics Within Familial Care
  • Roman Morales
    San Antonio, TX
    May 2016
    Rank of Recurrence Matrices