SEU McNair Scholars

  • Kellee Coleman
    Austin, TX
    Spring 2015
    Infant Mortality, Maternal Mortality, and Racism: Experiences of “Double Jeopardy” in Austin, Texas
  • Kelly-Kate Crossland
    Dallas, TX
    Spring 2015
    Does Liberty Mean Freedom? A Comparison of Two Philosophical Accounts
  • Emily Dalton
    Arlington, TX
    Environmental Science and Policy
    May 2017
  • Erik Escobar
    Port Lavaca, TX
    Biology BS
    Spring 2015
    Survey for the Presence of Leishmaniasis in Canines and Felids in Travis County, Texas
  • Armand Ferreccio
    Northridge, CA
    Global Studies
    Spring 2015
    Effects of Two Major Waves of Foreign Occupation of Afghanistan on the Civilian Population: A Trans-generational Analysis
  • Mirna Garza
    Mission, TX
    Social Work
    Fall 2014
    The Importance of Discrimination in the Lives of Migrant Farmworkers
  • William Haynes III
    Spring, TX
    International Business
    Fall 2014
    Remittances to Morocco from the United States and Their Impact on Opinions and Household Expenditures
  • Samantha Herd
    Swissvale, PA
    English Writing/Rhetoric
    Spring 2015
    The Function of African American English in Street Literature
  • Diana Hernandez
    Laredo, TX
    Religious and Theological Studies
    May 2016
  • Jazmine Hernandez
    Weslaco, TX
    International Business and Communication
    Spring 2016
    Foreign Direct Investment from Mexico into the United States: The Case of Grupo Bimbo