The Kozmetsky Center contributes to academic programs and the learning experience of students at St. Edward’s University on a number of levels. The core objectives for our programs and activities in support of the St. Edward’s academic community include:

  • Introducing a diversity of regional and global perspectives;
  • Contributing to the development of sustained productive international exchanges and partnerships throughout the world;
  • Supporting the utilization of new communication technology to integrate global perspectives in learning and understanding issues;
  • Offering the contributions of leading academic experts and practitioners across disciplines and professional areas of expertise;
  • Advancing understanding of potential public-private sector collaboration in pursuing opportunities and addressing challenges;
  • Exploring the application of theory/academic expertise to supporting real-world issue problem solving and cooperative efforts in policy, community service, etc.

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To learn more about the Kozmetsky Center of Excellence at St. Edward's University, contact the Kozmetsky Center at 512-233-1678. Learn more about the leadership of the Kozmetsky Center.