Mission and Vision Statements

                                   Ron Soodalter public talk

The Kozmetsky Center aims to enrich the intellectual life of St. Edward's University, and to serve as a resource for informing the broader public on critical global issues. The center seeks to deepen understanding of the complex challenges of an increasingly integrated world. We facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges among experts, students, faculty, and the broader public in a variety of forums. Past speakers have included American and foreign diplomats, policy makers, university scholars, and leaders of the business, non-profit, and cultural communities.  We also periodically host short-term resident visiting scholars and practitioners from the United States and around the world to share their expertise and diverse perspectives with the St. Edward’s University community.

Our programs and activities are directed toward advancing sustained productive international partnerships throughout the world. The Kozmetsky Center contributes to advancing the mission of St. Edward’s University to educate students from all walks of life and prepare graduates with the tools needed to contribute to a more just world. The Kozmetsky Center supports the university's Global Initiative providing students with international opportunities and experiences on multiple levels, and equipping students for working effectively in an interdependent and culturally dynamic world community.

“My parents funded this center because they believe in St. Edward’s and the role this university can play in improving the lives of so many.”   Gregory A. Kozmetsky, ’70, former university trustee

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To learn more about the Kozmetsky Center of Excellence at St. Edward's University, contact us at 512-233-1678. Learn more about the leadership of the Kozmetsky Center.