Studying Abroad

With a motto like “Take on your world!” it’s easy to understand why studying abroad is such an integral part of your experience at St. Edward’s University. The Office of International  Education is here to help guide you through the process. Below you will find a brief description of the various types of study abroad programs offered to SEU students as well as some tips for getting started on your application!


Faculty Led programs consist of an SEU faculty member traveling with a group of SEU students. Faculty Led programs predominantly offer courses that are general education requirements, ones that everyone must take to graduate. Traditionally, Faculty Led programs take place in the summer and last 5-6 weeks; however, there are also “embedded” programs which include a brief travel component either before the course officially starts, while the course is taking place, or after the course has officially ended. These embedded programs normally last 1-2 weeks at most. Faculty Led programs are appealing because all federal financial aid as well as SEU-specific grants and scholarships can be used to pay.

Exchange programs are exactly what they sound like: students from St. Edward’s University attend foreign universities while international students attend St. Edward’s University. Exchange programs are ideal for independent students who want to immerse themselves in a different culture and/or language. Similar to the Faculty Led programs, a student will be able to use all federal financial aid as well as SEU specific grants and scholarships to pay for the program. Unlike the Faculty Led programs, however, Exchange programs last for either a semester or a full academic year; no shorter duration is possible. With Exchange programs, there are two options: Partner Exchange or International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

  • With Partner Exchange, an SEU student is capable of studying at any one of the 20+ partner universities associated with St. Edward’s University (a full list of these partner universities can be found at (
  • With ISEP, a study abroad network which encourages student exchanges all around the world, the list of potential universities is greatly expanded for those students who want to study abroad at a foreign university with whom St. Edward’s University is not yet a partner.

Provider programs are a third option available to SEU students who wish to travel abroad. Provider programs are offered by organizations and companies entirely external to St. Edward’s University. Some commonly known Provider programs include International Studies Abroad (ISA), Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), and American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS). Whereas Faculty Led and Exchange programs may not offer anything substantial to students with unique or relatively novel areas of study (Graphic Design, Forensic Science,  Biochemistry, etc.), Provider programs are able to avoid some of those difficulties. With Provider programs there are opportunities available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Unlike Faculty Led or Exchange programs, however, only federal financial aid can be applied to the costs of Provider programs.


Ready to get Started?

• Create an online profile at
•Once you create your profile, you will be able to search for study abroad programs by geographic location, major, and duration of program. All of the study abroad application process will be conducted through this website.
• Once you have selected one or more programs that interest you, make an appointment with one of our study abroad advisors. You can make an appointment by either calling 512-428-1051 or by visiting our office in Moody Hall 102. 
• If you have any general questions about the study abroad application process, please review our self-help guide and then contact Meghan Ryan at ( should you have any remaining questions.