Blogs & Sites

A blog is similar to a journal that can be public or private and with one or many contributors. In addition, contributors may attach pictures, Web links and other documents to a blog entry. Blogs typically run chronologically. The newest entry will appear first with older entries descending down the page. Blogs may be accessed online, or you may set-up an RSS feed so that subscribers are notified of new entries via email or mobile devices.

Types of Blogs

  • You may incorporate one or more blogs into your Blackboard Course. These blogs may be set to "private," only viewable between the instructor and each individual student, or "public," in which students may see each other's entries and make comments.
  • Edublogs is a site hosting service that St. Edward’s faculty and students can use to create WordPress blogs for a class or as a personal site or portfolio.  Anyone with a current St. Edward's University account can use Edublogs.  Get started by going to the Sites page.
  • Instructional Technology can also provide faculty with a blog space, using WordPress, outside of Blackboard. These types of blogs are useful if you wish to interact with the community beyond the classroom.

For more information and help setting-up a blog, please contact Instructional Technology,


Instructional Technology has invested in a new scalable, hosted solution for WordPress blogs and sites called Edublogs. This will allow more flexibility including allowing automatic creation of a blog site on your own or working with the Faculty Resource Center to create sites for classes and organizations.

Edublogs is a company that has been adopted by a number of leading Universities, including Stanford, Cornell and UT Austin. They offer safety and reliability, are student friendly, rich with features, and highly customizable.

Our WordPress site -, hosted by Edublogs, allows current faculty, staff and students of the St. Edward’s community to create individual blogs or web sites. You can create a web site or blog for personal learning or reflection; your class, module, tutorial class or any other group; departmental or faculty news blog; event or conference.

  • All sites will be created with your SEU Username and will have the address[username]; for example,
  • If you are a faculty member and would like a site for your class or for your students to individually have sites for a class assignment please contact Instructional Technology,
  • We have an Introduction to Blogging guide with instructions on how to setup your site, create pages and create posts.