Publish your Course

Faculty have you Published your course in Canvas? Now that you have worked on your Canvas course, you need to publish it. The only way students can view your course...

Instructional technology is researching how best to integrate several technologies for teaching and learning at St. Edward’s. We are seeking faculty to...


Upcoming Events

Canvas Workshops

These workshops will give participants an overview of some of the basic features and functionality of Canvas to enable them to begin building their course with confidence. We will cover an overview of the Canvas environment and course organization and management.  We will also cover migration of course materials from Blackboard to Canvas as well as the major differences between Canvas and Blackboard. SIgn up at bit.ly/SEUITTraining.


Innovation Fellowships

Follow the eleven faculty who were named 2015-2016 Innovation Fellows on the Innovation Fellowship blog.  This fellowship supports faculty who need time, resources, and expertise to include pedagogical experimentation in their courses. Visit the Innovation Fellowship page for information. 

TLTR Pilots

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR) and Instructional Technology funded five faculty projects in 2015 to support innovative and technologically-sophisticated teaching.  Visit the TLTR Pilot Projects site for more information. 




Request a workshop for your class today. Work with a trainer to develop a lesson on the use of software for student projects. Sign up for free training on supported software.


Contact the Faculty Resource Center, 2012 Winner of the New Media Consortium (NMC) Center of Excellence Award, for assistance with instructional design needs including integration of technology into courses and multimedia project development.