Connected: Results from the 2013 Freshmen Technology Survey

September 4, 2013 | ,

During the 2013 summer orientation sessions for incoming freshmen, Instructional Technology collected information from 619 new Hilltoppers about what technology they are bringing to campus, what devices they use to stay connected, and other tech trends and preferences.

The responses from this year’s freshmen provided us with a few surprises. For instance, this year 60% of freshmen stated that they prefered to use their mobile phones to check email. This is the first year that over half of students registered this preference.

Google Chrome also broke the halfway mark as the most popular web browser among freshmen surveyed. A nearly even 50% of incoming freshmen prefer to use Google Chrome, with Safari being the next popular, receiving about 21% of the vote. Considering that close to half of freshmen (43%) are using Mac OS on their laptop or desktop, the fact that Chrome beat out Apple’s own browser by such a significant margin demonstrates a considerable preference for Google’s browser among incoming freshmen.

Only 10% of freshmen are bringing their own printers this year, compared to 26% last year. This, coupled with the slower, but still significant, rise of tablets and e-readers suggests that incoming students are embracing a paperless approach to the future. The tablets and e-readers on campus this fall will certainly benefit from the 300,000 ebooks available through the brand new Munday Library.

Have a look at the infographic below for more stats from the survey and comparisons to 2012’s results. Click the infographic to open it full-size in another tab.