Women's Studies Minor

The minor in Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to supplement study in the student’s academic major. The goal of the minor is to offer students opportunities to understand and discuss the forces that have influenced, and continue to influence, the unique social, politicaland economic positions of women in all cultures — as well as give voice to the life experiences of these women. Ultimately, the interdisciplinary understanding developed by the students should form the basis on which they will build a more just, peaceful world for women and men in the future.

This minor will prepare students for jobs that require an understanding of women’s issues in business (over half the workforce is female), nonprofit organizations, and professions such as counseling, law, medicine, religious service, social work and teaching. One or more courses will include a service-learning project.

For a full listing of course offerings this SP13 semester, please download the WMST flyer.

Women's Studies Minor Requirements (doc)

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