Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

All students who obtain an undergraduate degree from St. Edward’s University must demonstrate fluency and literacy in a standard dialect of a language other than English or take up to six hours of course work in one modern language.

Students graduating from high school in another country in which the language of instruction in the school was a language other than English are presumed to be both fluent and literate in another language and are exempted from the requirement.

Exemption from all or part of the modern language requirement does not result in college credit hours, but rather certifies that the student has met all or part of the requirement for graduation. The three to six hours that the student would otherwise be required to take in modern language course work can be used for elective credits or for additional courses in the major or minor.

Students with a high school diploma or GED from the United States must take a placement test in the language studied in high school, learned in the home community or learned in the course of travel and/or residence abroad during their first year if they plan to continue study of that language. Depending on the results of the test, the student (1) will be declared exempt from the requirement or (2) will be required to take from three to six hours of course work in one modern language. A student with high school credit in a modern language may choose to begin a new language at St. Edward’s or to continue in the study of the same language.

Monolingual English-speaking students with no high school modern language credit must take six college credit hours of one modern language. Students may choose any non-English language. St. Edward’s currently offers classroom courses in French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Other languages may be offered.


Students have the opportunity to experience French culture and language through St. Edward's Angers program.