Department of Visual Studies

The Visual Studies department engages students in the critical understanding and creative production of contemporary culture. We support students in their efforts to situate themselves within a complex, interdisciplinary and technologically mediated world.

The Department of Visual Studies at St. Edward's University is dedicated to developing the creative skills of students through course offerings in art history, graphic design, photography, video, painting, drawing, printmaking, and ceramics. We serve students majoring in Art, Graphic Design, and Photocommunications, as well as students minoring in Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Multimedia, and Photocommunications. Students majoring in Art Education should visit the School of Education page.

Non-majors are encouraged to take courses in Visual Studies, including entry level clay, drawing, watercolor, photography, art history and design courses. Just check the prerequisites to see what is available. In addition, the Department of Visual Studies manages the CULF 1319: Understanding and Appreciating the Arts program, which all students at St. Edward's take as part of their general education requirements.



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