Department of Literature, Writing, and Rhetoric

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If you are a word person, if you believe in the power of words to construct worlds and to make things happen, you will find a major or minor in the Department of Literature, Writing and Rhetoric.  Our department includes two majors traditionally housed in English departments, as well as specializations in journalism and creative writing and the university’s Women’s Studies minor.  All of our majors and minors, besides being interesting and challenging, are excellent preparation for graduate school, law school, or entry into professions that require critical thinking and excellent writing skills.


If you are interested in a traditional English major, you might explore the English Literature major, which also has a creative writing specialization.

If you are interested in writing professionally (for instance as a novelist, poet, a grant writer, a blogger, or  social media/communications expert for a non-profit organization), you might explore the English Writing and Rhetoric major, which has specializations in professional writing, creative writing, and journalism.


Consider adding one of our minors to your major course of study to impress an employer or graduate school with your ability to write clearly and read critically.

  • English Literature minor
  • English Writing and Rhetoric minor
  • Journalism minor
  • Women’s Studies minor

Other programs

  • Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society
  • The Writing Center
  • The Marcia Kinsey Visiting Writers’ Series
  • CULF 1318
  • First-Year Writing