Department of Communication


Communication is the cornerstone of all we do. The communication discipline is one of the oldest disciplines, relying  on rhetorical principles that date back over 2,000 years. It also is one of the newest academic fields of study encompassing media, technological, organizational, intercultural, cultural, gender, health, political, interpersonal, family, and group communication, as well as public speaking and rhetoric.

Students will engage in the exploration of these and other areas of study by focusing on complex ideas, such as how reality/cultural knowledge is produced, shared, maintained, repaired, and transformed through the symbolic process of communication. In addition, students will learn how communicators can be ethical and responsible world citizens. Finally, Communication majors will be prepared for the technologically accelerated development of communication in society and the workplace by learning how to apply communication principles to our increasingly complex world.

The core courses required of every Communication major provide students with a broad theoretical background from which to pursue various employment or graduate school opportunities. In addition, students will choose from one of four areas of specialization: Interpersonal and Organizational; Public Relations and Advertising; Media Arts and Broadcast Journalism; and Rhetorical and Cultural Studies.