Modern Language Placement

Language Exams

Through May 2014, there are THREE options available through which students may show "fluency and literacy" to meet the Modern Language General Education Requirement.

If you already have experience in any modern language that you plan to continue studying, you must be placed by one of these methods before registering for a class.

1. Advanced Placement (AP) / College-Level Examination Program (CLEP):
AP credit would be from exams taken in high school. The CLEP Exam (in French, German, or Spanish) is available either at St. Edwards, or off campus at other testing locations. You receive CREDIT for language classes from both the AP and CLEP Exams (depending on your score ). CLEP exams are administered at CLEP testing sites:

2. Modern Language Placement Exam:
These exams are given at Freshmen orientation, however, if you did not take the exam at orientation, you should email Natacha Martin (
Spring 2014 placement exam times

You do not receive credit through these exams; they are for placement only. You MAY have your language requirement waived if you "place" into the 3rd semester or higher of a language (French, German, or Spanish).

3. BYU Exams:
We offer the option to take an exam in languages other than those available through CLEP (Spanish, French, German) through the Brigham Young University program.

If you have questions about any of these tests or the modern language requirement, contact Natacha Martin, Assistant to the Dean in the School of Humanities.

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