Minimum Requirements

Communication Portfolio: Minimum Requirements

Communication majors are required to complete the following requirements for Communicatiopn portfolio:

  • Table of contents
  • Executive summary
  • 10 or more total templates with at least one piece of documentation for each template
  • 4 or more Communication or Journalism classroom templates
  • 2 or more work experience templates
  • 2 or more life experience templates
  • 2 other experiences in any of the three categories of classroom, work, and life

Students must agree to the following guidelines when completing the portfolio:

  • Classroom experiences are all Communication or Journalism courses (or approved English Writing and Rhetoric, or Graphic Design courses) excluding Presentational Speaking, Capstone, American Dilemmas, or any other non-communication course.
  • Each template represents a different experience. No experience was repeated among the ten templates.
  • Each template has at least one piece of documentation.
  • All the information in the portfolio represents experiences that happened during the student's time at St. Edward’s. It does not include high school experiences.
  • The student agrees that all the work is his/her own and complies with St. Edward’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Printable Checklist for Portfolio Minimum Requirements

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