Communication Portfolio

The Communication Portfolio document students' learning in academic, work, and life experiences. Portfolio learning results are computed and integrated into the university accreditation process. As the final requirement in the Communication major, the portfolio has proven useful to many students in their search to secure employment or as part of their application for graduate school.

You can purchase the portfolio binder at the university bookstore. The binder includes a packet with specific instructions on completing the portfolio, templates, and sample entries. Students should read the packet carefully.

All portfolios of graduating seniors are reviewed and graded by the full communication faculty. Portfolios are evaluated on both qualitative and quantitative standards. Students must receive a passing grade on the portfolio to graduate from the university. Students will be notified when portfolios have been graded and are available for pick-up. The portfolio process is vital in both a student's cumulative learning process and the Communication Department's ability to evaluate its learning outcomes.

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