Recruitment Process Manual

Does recruiting the right person for the job sometimes seem like a matter of luck?  Applications come in, you interview the candidates with questions you think are legal and, hopefully, you hire a capable, loyal employee.  Sometimes it turns out that way, and sometimes you’re not so “lucky”.  But there are ways to improve your chances.

This page  contains links to steps to recruiting as well as examples of specific interview questions, regret letters, and reference-checking guidelines.  These are the tools you’ll need to hire not only a capable loyal employee, but also one who will embrace the St. Edward's Mission, Vision, and Operating Principles to become a successful and contributing member of our community.

Steps to Hiring the Best Applicant
Obstacles to Effective Interviewing
Conducting Interviews Legally
Basic Interview Guidelines Under Federal Law
Sample Employment Interview Questions
Reference Check Resource Guide
Reference Check Sample Questions
The Formal Search Committee
Requesting a Recruitment Policy Waiver

The Office of Human Resources staff is available to guide you through your recruiting effort by answering any questions you have, and providing additional information you request.