The course has two sections, both of which must be completed to fulfill this requirement :

  • Part 1 of the course takes approximately 3 hours to complete. You do not have to do the entire course at one time. We recommend that you divide it into two sittings.
  • You must earn a grade of 85% or higher to pass and receive credit for the course. If you get less than 85%, you will need to re-take the course. 
  • The deadline for completing Part 1 is Monday, September 10, 2015.
  • You will receive an email asking you to complete Part 2 once the semester begins.

  • The deadline for completing Part 2 is before Friday, October 23, 2015.

  • Your responses are strictly confidential; SEU will only receive information about the student body as whole and will not see your individual answers.
  • Remember: as soon as you have completed both Part 1 and Part 2 you will automatically be entered into the raffle for the $100 HEB Gift Certificate!

Technical Requirements

To take AlcoholEdu/Haven® for College, you will need a computer with Internet access and audio capabilities. Your Internet connection needs broadband or at least 56K access, along with Flash Player 7 or later. Have all other programs or applications turned off, including music, video clips, and Instant Messaging.  Also see: Troubleshooting.

If you do not have these system requirements at home, please check your local library or another location where you can use an internet connection