Alcohol & Other Drug Services


St. Edward's University provides an academically challenging environment that includes a socially vibrant community. Academic success depends in many ways on students not perpetuating the myth that partying means drinking to the point of intoxication, blackouts, and passing out.

All students have the right to be free from the disruptive behavior of drinkers. These behaviors include making excessive noise, vandalizing property, and bringing unwanted guests onto campus. The University is aware that the use of alcohol and other drugs does occur on campus in spite of our vigilance and prevention efforts. Alcohol or illegal drugs consumed on or off campus can lead to a number of negative consequences including negatively impacting academic achievement, retention, and overall satisfaction with the college experience.

There are a variety of alcohol-free programs and activities offered on campus throughout the semester that provide alternatives to high-risk drinking. Athletic events, drama and music productions, lectures, cultural festivals, and residence hall programs are all substance-free. Indoor and outdoor recreational facilities are available to students and the Austin area offers numerous social and cultural opportunities that do not involve alcohol consumption.

Below are a number of links for additional information and resources:

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