Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel

Join Us for the Chapel Dedication Event!

Please join us for the mass of dedication of Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel celebrated by Most Reverend Joe S. Vásquez, DD, STL, Bishop of the Diocese of Austin on October 21, 2014. For more information, please visit here. To RSVP, please visit here.


Scope of the Chapel Renovation Project

Your Support - The Final Stage

Although the renovation of Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel is nearly complete, donations are still needed to help create a fully realized liturgical environment for our faith community. If you would like to make a gift, please call (512) 233-1401, or send a check to St. Edward's University | Office of University Advancement | 3001 S. Congress Avenue | Austin, TX | 78704. Or make your gift securely online. Thank you!

Renovation of Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel

Originally built in 1897, Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel served as Exhibition Hall, an auditorium, Abbey Theatre, an engineering shop, and a rifle range before being dedicated as Our Lady of Victory Chapel in 1947 and given its present name in 1973. 

While the university has been a wise steward of its resources by repurposing this building, the Chapel has housed worshipers for more than sixty years and is being renovated and improved in order to meet our needs and fully express our Catholic, Holy Cross mission.  The project also addresses some existing inadequacies, including: 

1.) Inconvenient facilities for the Sacraments

Prior to the renovation, the Chapel had no confessional booth, requiring all penitents to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Father Rick Wilkinson’s, CSC office in Mang House. Furthermore, the tabernacle was not immovable and its placement during Mass needed improvement. The orientation of the baptismal font was also problematic. In addition, facilities for other Catholic traditions, such as Stations of the Cross and adoration were not well realized. 

2.) Overcrowding during Sunday evening Mass

Prior to the renovation, the configuration of the Chapel’s interior was not ideal given the size of our faith community.  It had been stretched to capacity so that the Mass overflowed with worshipers, particularly our Sunday evening Mass, during which some students had to stand because of the limitations of the space.  The renovation makes better use of the Chapel’s space to accommodate existing worshipers, while providing some room to grow as we project modest enrollment increases in the coming years.

Construction of new Campus Ministry offices

The Office of Campus Ministry is led by Father Peter Walsh, CSC, who oversees a staff of one brother and seven laypeople. While Campus Ministry and its spiritual outreach take place all over campus through worship services, interfaith celebrations, retreats, and educational sessions about Catholicism, the staff and volunteers who inspire our spiritual development were officed in Mang House. As this facility was no longer adequate for the good work that took place within it, Mang House was demolished and a new building has been constructed for the students, staff, and Brothers.

Creation of an all-faiths Meditation Garden


We envision a quiet space for contemplative reflection that adjoins the new Campus Ministry offices and the Chapel. This space will be designed to attract students of all faiths to the Catholic spiritual center of campus.  It will encourage self-discovery and offer a retreat from the rigors of academia and the distractions of  

Additional Proposed Project

In memory of Dr. Ed Shirley, who was a Professor of Religious and Theological Studies at St. Edward's for more than 25 years, his family and friends invite gifts for The Dr. Ed Shirley Memorial at Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel. Click here for more information about the project and giving.

For additional information, or to make a gift in support of Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel, please contact Jennifer Parker at 512.464.8811 or jennep@stedwards.edu.