Current Exhibition

November 14-December 4, 2014
Having Second Thoughts
Works by Richard D. Fruth

Gallery Talk: Friday, November 14, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Opening Reception: Friday, November 14, 6:30-8 p.m.

The artwork presented in this exhibit is a combination of multiple methods of ideas and material processes that have changed within time and observation.  The work reverberates a previous body of work completed in May 2013, in which the landscapes are rendered with the concept of whimsy and humor within representational scenes.

Later, the work was altered in form.  The pieces are constructed with abstract forms and deliberate surface manipulation.  These pieces of wood were considered the cut-offs and reconstructions from previous art works to be discarded.  However, these pieces became increasingly visually active in their arrangements with previous works. 

The works depict conflicts between figures and the landscape, between figures and unseen forces, and within figures as they reflect upon themselves.  These figures engage in ambiguous states of dream/reality, and fear/confusion, with humor rising from horrific personal and social experiences.

Humor is a common feature and is often utilized, although this may appear to be inappropriate in context of the narrative.  The titles encourage this humor as they provide a quizzical introduction to the events observed, though the events described in the titles may have occurred before, during, or after the visual moment.  Each narrative is a snapshot, which the viewer unravels in their imagination to construct the story behind the image.

The work in this exhibit is not grouped by each specific concept or process.  As the title states, “Having Second Thoughts” life within itself is not definitive.  Likewise, is the artistic process, practice and communication of an idea is not absolute.  By bridging each of these methods of assessment together as a collective, the work begins to find connections and solutions between past approaches and current beginnings to continue with what lies ahead to leave the viewer with an appreciation of their own mystery. 

Richard D. Fruth received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Photography in 1994 and a Master of Arts in Studio Arts in 1998 at Ball State University, Muncie, IN.  Thereafter, he pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture in 2001 at University of Cincinnati.  His artwork focuses on two points of interest; the narrative, such as telling stories relating of the past, future, biological or psychological.  His second point of interest, focuses on the use or abuse of the English language, specifically how language becomes repetitive, negative and sometimes humorous.  Currently, he is an adjunct instructor at Cincinnati State Technical Community College in the Graphic Design Division and teaching woodworking courses for the Community Education program at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Directions: Take the South Congress entrance into campus. Turn left at the first stop sign. The gallery is located in the front of the Fine Arts Center (second building on the right after stop).


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