Doyle Hall to Provide Temporary Office Space for Library Staff Members

Late last year we reported that university administrators, along with project managers, were considering various alternatives for temporary library space to accommodate library staff members, additional computers and essential books. A decision has been reached to use the third floor of Doyle Hall as a temporary location for library services.

Library staff members will move to the third floor of Doyle Hall by the beginning of the fall 2012 semester and will remain there during the construction period. A temporary computer lab as well as space devoted to essential books will also be located on the third floor of Doyle Hall.

Here are a few additional points to keep in mind regarding the library construction phase:
• The Scarborough-Phillips library will remain open and fully-staffed for the entire spring 2012 semester. Access to the current library will not be affected until the conclusion of the spring semester.

• In addition to the temporary library space selected in Doyle Hall, a new computer lab will be created on the ground floor of Lady Bird Johnson Hall in the Residential Village when the library closes.

• Most of the university’s book collection will be stored in a warehouse during construction. The university will acquire a collection of electronic books which students will be able to access, and library staff members will be available to help students find the resources they need.

• All information regarding library construction and any disruption to normal operations will be clearly communicated in a timely manner. All members of the university community will be able to access information about campus construction through this new Think web chapter. We encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed for this page and stay informed.

• The new library will transform and greatly improve the way students experience research and learning at St. Edward’s and it will be a facility that will benefit the entire university community.