Master of Arts in Teaching Program

The Master of Arts in Teaching at St. Edward's lets you begin or enhance your career as a teacher, prepare for a role as an instructional specialist, or pursue specialized positions such as an athletic director, educational consultant or corporate trainer. 

You’ll focus on strategies and skills for bringing about positive educational change. This program lets you tailor a course of study that suits your career goals by choosing one of six concentrations (listed below). On-the-job training through internships in schools and classrooms is a key component of this degree.

In the MA in Teaching, you’ll gain a full understanding of teaching practices in such areas as instruction, technology, assessment and curriculum design. You’ll learn to promote and develop learning opportunities for students, and be a leader for administrative and organizational improvements within schools and other educational settings.

Graduates of this program can pursue teacher certification in subjects like math, science or language. They might become a curriculum writer for a state education agency, a director of a children’s camp, or an owner of a private tutoring firm. They are also prepared to enter PhD programs in Curriculum and Instruction. Recent graduates have found positions as teachers, college preparatory educators and sports coaches.