Kris Sloan Receives Distinguished Teaching Award


St. Edward's University is honored to present the 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award to Dr. Kris Sloan, Associate Professor in the School of Education.

Dr. Kris Sloan pictured above
Photo by: Melinda O'Cañas

He teaches undergraduate courses, such as the Foundations of Education course and the Capstone course. And he also teaches graduate courses in the Master of Arts in Teaching program, such as Educational Psychology and Learning; Assessment and Evaluation in Classroom Instruction; Ethics, Legal Issues, and Classroom Management; and Thesis Writing. 

Education professors have a particularly challenging job. They teach students how to teach. As a result, they can’t just know the theories about teaching. They must also model good teaching practices every day in the classroom.  This instructor embraces that challenge. He deliberately holds up his own teaching as an object of study for students. By using an eclectic blend of teaching approaches, he reveals the real-world implications of the concepts they explore in class. 

He involves them in constructing their own knowledge, often asking them to connect their thinking to their prior experiences. But he also pushes them far beyond their own experiences, asking them to grapple with uncomfortable issues of diversity and equity. In his own words, his “theory of learning posits that to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs, or at least shake them up a bit.”

Students agree that they are challenged, and they thrive in his courses. Wrote one, “This class was truly a joy.”  Another wrote, “He makes issues feel important and relevant.”   Wrote a third, “[This professor ] is by far the best professor I have had at St. Edward’s, and probably the best ever. His teaching truly made me understand things that I had no comprehension of before this class. I can only hope that I can learn with him again in the future.”

Dr. Sloan was presented this award at the Undergraduate Honors Night on May 2, 2011. The School of Education is excited to share the accomplishments of Dr. Sloan!