Applying To The Program

Entering Freshmen

Information for Incoming Freshmen

About 60 incoming freshmen are invited to join the Honors Program.  Qualified students are identified by their admission counselor during the application process. Factors taken into account include high school performance and rigor of curriculum, SAT and ACT scores, quality of writing, and demonstrated academic curiosity. We seek students who are academically talented and passionate about learning.

For questions about freshman admission, contact: Marisa Peterson, Admission Counselor, 512 233-1411;

Current Students and Transfer Students

Although most students come into the Honors Program as entering freshmen, the program accepts a limited number of other students. Students currently at SEU and students who are planning to transfer should contact the Director of the Honors Program, Barbara Filippidis so we can review your transcript to see whether it would be feasible for you to complete the program, taking no more than two honors courses per semester. Usually, it is not feasible for students with more than 45 hours to complete the program.

Applications are accepted throughout the year as room is available. Applications for the spring semester must be submitted no later than December 1 and applications for fall no later than July 1. Qualified applicants are accepted in the order in which they apply, so students are advised to apply as early as possible.

Acceptance to the program requires a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50 and evidence that the candidate has strong writing and critical thinking skills. For additional information, call or email the Interim Director of the Honors Program: Barbara Filippidis (512) 448-8558; Or, call the University Studies Office at (512) 448-8720.